click to see Steiff British Collectors Bear 2014 in detail
Steiff British Collectors Bear 2014PERFECT GIFT TO COMMEMORATE A SPECIAL 2014 EVENT - 36cms
click to see Steiff  Paddington Bear in detail
Steiff Paddington Bear'Please look after this BEAR - thank you'! - 28cms
£170.00or deposit of £30.00{664632}
click to see Steiff  Salvador (dali) Bear in detail
Steiff Salvador (dali) BearThe famous Spanish Surrealist Artist - 34cms
click to see Steiff  Uk Jubilee Bear in detail
Steiff Uk Jubilee BearA large handsome bear with growler - 52cms
click to see Steiff  Replica 1929 Bear in detail
Steiff Replica 1929 BearJust a Gorgeous Bear - 40cms
click to see Steiff  Replica 1908 in detail
Steiff Replica 1908A very 'proud' and special bear - 50cms
click to see Steiff  Sweep - Sooty's Best Friend in detail
Steiff Sweep - Sooty's Best FriendPress my tummy and I squeak! Please give me to a nice home. - 30cms
click to see Steiff  Mickey Mouse in detail
Steiff Mickey MouseSteiff and Disney - what a wonderful combination - 24cms
click to see Steiff  Minnie Mouse in detail
Steiff Minnie MousePerhaps the most famous mouse in the world! - 24cms
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