click to see Steiff  Baby Gorilla - 'Mary Zwo' in detail
Steiff Baby Gorilla - 'Mary Zwo'Cheeky! - 28cms
click to see Steiff  Frederic Chimpanzee - Such Fun! in detail
Steiff Frederic Chimpanzee - Such Fun!Who knows what this cheeky chappy keeps under his hat - 35cms
click to see Steiff  Rocky Dragon in detail
Steiff Rocky DragonPart of the magical fantasy range - 40cms
click to see Steiff  Hoppi Dangling Rabbit in detail
Steiff Hoppi Dangling RabbitAdorable 'BIG' rabbit for a special present - 45cms
click to see Steiff  Pauline Poodle in detail
Steiff Pauline PoodleJust waiting for a cuddle and nice home! - 25cms
click to see Steiff  Kiki Siamese Cat Masterpiece in detail
Steiff Kiki Siamese Cat MasterpieceMade from the finest alpaca for all our cat lovers - 35cms
click to see Steiff  Starly Standing Unicorn in detail
Steiff Starly Standing UnicornA magical animal - 30cms
click to see Steiff  Leo Lion in detail
Steiff Leo LionKing of the Jungle - 43cms
click to see Steiff  Robby Seal in detail
Steiff Robby SealA seal with a beautiful coat - 35cms
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