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Steiff Teddy Bear 2020 Cosy Year Bear

from the Steiff Cosy teddy bears range

  • Size: 34cms
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Machine washable @ 30°
  • Code number: 113475


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"He is waiting just for you....."

The Steiff 2020 Cosy Year Bear is with us and just waiting for you.
Year 2020 may be very important for you with a birth or special event - like wedding, christening, birthday or achievement.

Here is Steiff 2020 Cosy Bear who is made from curly blond plush with the year 2020 embroidered in red on one of his paws - together with a red satin ribbon.
His head has an hand embroidered mouth and nose and shiny black eyes.

Machine washable @ 30°, and is suitable for all ages.

Yellow label with famous Steiff button in the ear.

REMEMBER you receive a free Steiff Gift Box, and Free delivery within the UK.

Excellent service and very speedy service. I have used your company many times and have always been very satisfied. I would definitely recommend you to others. Thank you.
Quick delivery and great communication. The bear was gorgeous too!
Always prompt and helpful service. I would definitely recommend Bel Air Gallery to others.

We are rated by eKomi 4.9 out of 5 (from 3077 reviews)

rated 4.9 out of 5
rated 4.9 out of 5

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Comments about 'Steiff Teddy Bear 2020 Cosy Year Bear'

Beautiful teddy which I have given to my granddaughter born in 2020 8th January 2021

The recipients were delighted with their gift, thank you. 7th January 2021

Good quality product 7th January 2021

Bought for my Grandson, perfect gift and very excellent quality 6th January 2021

It’s mine to keep. The quality seems ok as it is the first Steiff bear I have. 6th January 2021

I gave the bear to my three year old granddaughter who loves him. I did not really want a ‘soft fur’ bear but the alternative more ‘bristle hair’ bear came as a jointed bear and was not suitable for children under 11yrs. I was pleasantly surprised 6th January 2021

It is in his cot and pram and we would recommend to any parents or grandparents as it is top quality well done 3rd January 2021

Beautiful teddy. Lovely quality. It was given as a first Christmas present for a grandchild. The present was well received and I was pleasantly surprised by the size and quality of the product. 1st January 2021

Any age, excellent quality 31st December 2020

Beautiful Bear very soft bought for my granddaughter . 29th December 2020

Brilliant bear 28th December 2020

A present for my new baby grand daughter. Very good quality bear. 26th December 2020

Great bear but expensive 23rd December 2020

Quality bear with 2020 embroidered on its foot to give to a treasured grandchild this Christmas following a year none of us will forget in a hurry. 22nd December 2020

Ideal for a new born baby to keep for life 19th December 2020

great little bear for a small child to drag around, 17th December 2020

Excellent quality 17th December 2020

beautiful bear! Excellent service and prompt delivery. 14th December 2020

Lovely item for my first Grandchild . Lovely packaging and quick delivery 9th December 2020

gift for family 8th December 2020

A gift to myself for a special birthday. I had always wanted to own a Steiff Bear and this one was perfect to add to my other 'special' Bears. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to have a quality bear for a particular occasion or person. Superb qu 7th December 2020

A great product at an affordable price 7th December 2020

Beautiful 7th December 2020

This was a gift for a new born baby and it looks gorgeous and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a wonderful gift for any child. 3rd December 2020

Item bought to celebrate the birth of a grandchild. Excellent quality. 2nd December 2020

The teddy was perfect excellent quality. 1st December 2020

For our grandson as a keepsake - adorable 1st December 2020

we bought this for our new grandson with the 2020 date on his foot as something nice to cuddle up to and as a keep sake. we are very happy with this quality product. 30th November 2020

Fabulous quality and so cute. I would recommend to anyone who wants to give that extra special gift to someone they love. Mine were bought for the two newest members of our family, so a 7 and a half month old and a 6 month old. Absolutely gorgeous. 29th November 2020

Fantastic quality and value for money, very pleased with purchase 28th November 2020

Lovely bear, excellent customer service. 26th November 2020

Present for a Grandchild Anyone in the same situation Excellent 26th November 2020

Superb quality. For my great niece 1st Christmas. Recommend to all family and friends 25th November 2020

Very good 24th November 2020

For my niece All young children Absolutely beautiful as are al Steiff bears 23rd November 2020

Sits on the bed. Family and friends Excellant 23rd November 2020

Excellent quality 14th November 2020

Very sweet bear. Just what we wanted for a 70th birthday present. 13th November 2020

Really good quality product 5th November 2020

It is present for our Great-grand son. I would recommend the product for any young child. The quality is top quality and more than pleased with the bear. 1st November 2020

The teddy was a present so I haven’t seen it but the recipient told me it’s lovely 1st November 2020

Gift for first great grandchild Would recommend to anyone Superb quality 31st October 2020

A lovely gift for a baby born this year 30th October 2020

Cute 29th October 2020

Good quality product 27th October 2020

Bought for new grandchild I would recommend it for me born children/grandchildren for a keepsake Excellent quality will be buying another next year when my other grandchild will be born 26th October 2020

Excellent quality Products Excellent service Would highly recommend to anyone wishing to purchase one of the beautiful bears 25th October 2020

The cosy bear 2020 is lovely, although i personally would have preferred a different colour bow as this was a gift for a newborn girl. Red would not have been a choice of colour for me. The cosy bear is a wonderful gift for newborns, 1st christmas and 1s 23rd October 2020

Product was a birthday present i would recommend you to friends & family quality is very good 23rd October 2020

This was a present for a relative’s special year. She is a Steiff collector. The quality was brilliant and would highly recommend this bear. 23rd October 2020

This was a present for my granddaughter who was born this year. Anyone looking to buy something special for a loved one. The quality was excellent and well worth the money. 19th October 2020

A present for my great grand daughter born this year. Anyone . Product good quality. 17th October 2020

I purchased the 2020 bear for my new great grandson. My granddaughter is absolutely delighted with it. Excellent quality and extremely well made. I am sure it will be well loved for years to come. I would certainly recommend the product. 17th October 2020

He is sitting very proud on the bed all day ! brings a smile to my face when I look at him ! He is so well made a dream come true. Thank you . 13th October 2020

Presents for my two new great grandchildren this year. Wonderful to have the year of birth on Teddy. Recommend to any parent, or especially grandparents for memorable gift. Quality of bear is excellent. Lovely face. 9th October 2020

Teddy for new grandson. Lovely to have the birth year on his foot. He is a beautiful teddy and great quality. I would recommend to anyone looking for a lasting special present for a special person. 9th October 2020

Good quality product, like all the others 9th October 2020

This special bear is for my granddaughters 1st Christmas. Perfect quality for young baby and know he will be well loved 8th October 2020

This bear is the second one I’ve bought. One each for my grandsons. Beautiful workmanship and quality always shines through! Your bears are adorable. 2nd October 2020

So soft. Just perfect 19th September 2020

Very pleased with the bear 15th September 2020

I bought it for a new baby. It was lovely and soft, very cuddly. 15th September 2020

Beautiful. Great quality. 4th one purchased over the years for grandchildren. Highly recommend. 13th September 2020

Excellent product for our new grand daughter. 6th September 2020

Quality of Teddy Bear is excellent and I would recommend it 4th September 2020

This was for a new born baby 28th August 2020

This was purchased as a gift for my grandson. The quality is very good. 27th August 2020

Beautiful Bear 25th August 2020

Lovely gift for newborn grandson 22nd August 2020

This was a keepsake gift for a newborn Recommend to any parent or relative looking for a well made gift for a child Excellent quality, synonymous with this company name. 20th August 2020

Beautiful bear and super soft x 20th August 2020

These bears are ideal for my grandchildren who have their 18 th birthday this year. Also they were delivered quickly and in a Steiff box which makes them a lovely present 14th August 2020

Thank yoou 8th August 2020

The bear was a present for our 2nd grandchild. (We bought our 1st grandchild one in 2015). I think the product would be ideal for children born in that year, a lovely reminder and the quality is very good. 8th August 2020

Bought the 2020 teddy bear as a gift for my Grandmas 80th birthday, she is a collector of Steiff bears so it made a lovely little gift and the fact it came with a free gift box and personalised note card made it even better! The quality was great, deliv 30th July 2020

They wear a present for each of my granddaughters who absolutely loved them 27th July 2020

Excellent Service 19th July 2020

the bear is for a new born baby for the year of birth 17th July 2020

A lovely soft bear to be saved as a keepsake for new born. 16th July 2020

The bear was purchased for a new born, the recipients (parents) were delighted with it and the gift box it arrived in, which was free of charge. I was also able to write a personalised message too which was a nice touch. 10th July 2020

Just beautifully made for my grandsons first Christmas. It's a lovely keepsake. 9th July 2020

Great bear 29th June 2020

Excellent quality as I would expect from Steiff. Bought as a gift for our daughter after obtaining her degree, especially as she was unable to have a proper ceremony due to Cov-19 so we wanted something a bit different and special. 28th June 2020

It was a gift. Steiff are always superb 27th June 2020

Beautiful bear! We were gifted these bears for our children in 2011 and 2014 and carrying on the tradition for our Niece.. Perfect baby shower/newborn gift 26th June 2020

great quality gift for my great grand daughter age 3 one for her birthday and christmas each year 25th June 2020

Great product 25th June 2020

No further comment 22nd June 2020

The bear is a gift for my new grandson. There is an excellent range of bears which would appeal to all age groups. Excellent quality product. 21st June 2020

Good quality lovely 1st June 2020

Such a cute little bear... I buy them for my grandchildrens first birthday. So this is bear number 6... I love teddy bears and am lucky to have a few steiff bears ... My grandchildren I'm sure will treasure these bears ... 31st May 2020

I bought the bear for my friends 60th birthday. She was over the moon with it thankyou 31st May 2020

Gift for grandson, very happy with the product 31st May 2020

I would recommend this delightful product to family or friends awaiting the birth of a child. As it is a Steiff bear, it comes with a long standing, renowned reputation. 31st May 2020

Great keepsake for new baby 22nd May 2020

My wife loves it. 19th May 2020

It was a gift for a new born. Would buy again as a gift. 16th May 2020

Very pleased with the quality. 14th May 2020

The bear is for for my new baby niece the quality is very good 14th May 2020

Excellent product really pleased with Steiff Teddy Bear Granddaughter loves it 14th May 2020

Beautiful 11th May 2020

Birthday present for my wife. Excellent value for money. Highly recommended. 10th May 2020

Excellent choice for Birthday gift 9th May 2020

Beautiful little bear, very snuggly 9th May 2020

Gift for a new baby very pleased. 8th May 2020

To be cherished by new grandson - totally happy with service 3rd May 2020

Lovely, well made , love it 1st May 2020

I bought this for my new grandchild. The quality of the bear is excellent and I would recommend it for any newborn as a commemorative item. 28th April 2020

I brought the teddy for my new grandchild due this year. The quality is excellent 22nd April 2020

Brilliant, will be cherished 22nd April 2020

Very please with this teddy 22nd April 2020

Excellent 22nd April 2020

Lovely teddy bear. Perfect condition on delivery and nicely boxed for presentation. 17th April 2020

Absolutely lovely perfect for my new Grandson 15th April 2020

Totally satisfied and would recommend thank you. 14th April 2020

Lovely product get well soon present 12th April 2020

Exactly as I expected. 12th April 2020

As described 6th April 2020

The bear was a present for a new granddaughter We haven’t seen the bear yet but believe that I it meets your high standards, and would recommend you to anyone 4th April 2020

Excellent quality. Bought for new baby grandson. 3rd April 2020

I would not recommend the product 2nd April 2020

Good Value 2nd April 2020

super little bear, so soft and cuddly brought for my great great nephew, although it states this is not a toy, once the ribbon is removed would have no qualms about letting the baby play with it once he is big enough. 28th March 2020

Steiff always a great buy these bears are great for all ages and the quality is great 22nd March 2020

Have already explained this is for an 80th birthday present. Would only recommend Steiff bears to people I think could afford them! The overall quality was good but I have mentioned the things I was not pleased with. I expected perfection from Steiff!\ 16th March 2020

The bear was a gift for my newborn grandson. The bears are well made and will give many years of pleasure 4th March 2020

Amazing service,changed order at last minute with no problem Gift for christening ,loved it Would definitely recommend 2nd March 2020

Beautiful, excellent quality year bear, to be given as a gift to my new Grandson on his Christening day- lovely gift box & printed personalised card. I have bought each of my 4 Grandchildren one of these over the years, that really says how pleased I am 2nd March 2020

Top quality. Really classy. An heirloom. 2nd March 2020

Quality is very good. 19th February 2020

New grandsons first teddy bear has to be a Steiff the perfect present 16th February 2020

The product was a birthday present and was exactly as shown on your web site 9th February 2020

The quality of my Steif bear was superb. But I would have been over the moon If I could have added a personal message on the bear as it was a first birthday keepsake and the bear had 20 20 on one of the paws. I still loved it anyway Thanks. 30th January 2020

Excellent. 28th January 2020

Lovely cuddly bear 23rd January 2020

I bought this as a present. Quality is unquestionable. 9th January 2020

A wonderful gift for anyone who likes teddies. Great value 12th December 2019

The item joins the others that I have purchased on display 25th November 2019